As of today we are excited to announce that EVERY SugarCRM customer has access to InsideView. We talked in April about our commitment to the SugarCRM customers that had requested a more integrated mashup of our sales intelligence application. After a bit of development and customization, we have completed the project and have started deploying InsideView to nearly 70,000 SugarCRM customers. This is the largest instant deployment of InsideView across a CRM customer base ever. Another 500,000 will see InsideView as they voluntarily upgrade to the newest release of SugarCRM throughout the rest of the year. [tweetmeme source= “insideview” only_single=false]

Things have changed for B2B sales

The availability of information for both buyer and seller has increased dramatically. Most of your customers are leveraging the internet and social networks to research and validate product choices. Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and forums have given prospects easy access to your existing customers and people are talking about you, your products and your competitors. It’s impossible to analyze all of this data on your own and make the best decisions on who the best people are to contact and provide value to them by solving their problems. That’s where sales intelligence comes in and saves the day while you’re closing the deal.

InsideView helps reps connect with prospects through their personal and extended professional networks including colleagues, ex-colleagues, and reference customers. Building relationships and trust with your customers and prospects has become more important than ever in a virtual environment. Phone calls and email work well but when you combine those with connecting on social networks for a more complete communication path, you can be sure to always know and be in touch with the people that are making the decisions.

We are excited about this announcement. Working with the SugarCRM teams has been wonderful.