It was a busy month and I’m catching up on some announcements. After the announcement of our prize at Dreamforce, a major announcement with our partner SugarCRM, a new product release with some amazing enhancements, I had some other social projects to work on. One of those projects was a redesign of Social Selling University. SSU was created early this year with a focus in social selling for the enterprise. After a great series of webinars and speaking events, it was clear to everyone that Social Selling University was something we needed to invest more resources into. That started with a better looking website.

New Social Selling University Website

Social Selling Enterprise Sales

Social Selling by definition is the use of sales 2.0 tools to identify and engage prospects to create new opportunities and drive revenue. The biggest obstacles I encounter when talking to sales teams is that even though they are familiar with social media on a personal level, they don’t know where to start when it comes to applying these tools to their professional life.

Social Selling University is broken into 4 main parts that are designed to offer education and resources to sales people that want to know more about leveraging social media for sales.

The amount of content is growing and we are just about to roll out our next series of webinars featuring sales experts and training on ways to make the most out of Twitter, LinkedIn and other social tools that can get you more connected with your prospects.