Social Media Summit 2011

Talking to sales executives about the results of sales intelligence has opened the door to many new conversations. One of those is the growing need for marketing departments to understand the use of applications like InsideView in the overall strategy of identifying new prospects beyond just buying lead building lists from data providers and focusing on specific companies and contacts that can benefit from their products and services TODAY vs. in the future. As more and more companies are trying to blur the lines between sales and marketing, leveraging sales intelligence applications to be used by both groups has become more important.

We were approached by the Online Marketing Summit (OMS) on becoming a sponsor to their event and what we could offer to their large audience. The synergy between our message and the marketing professionals attending the event was obvious. Marketing professionals are focusing on the use of social media to communicate and engage with their customers and prospects, how that translates into sales is become even more important as a ROI is attached to these activities online.

InsideView will have a booth at the event and we will be in great company. Companies like Adobe, ExactTarget, Marketo and Social Media Examiner will have a presence as well as be providing speakers during the show.

We believe that marketing departments are hungry for information and applications that can build strong relationships beyond the one to many approach typically rolled out. Sales intelligence allows for marketing to target companies with pin-point accuracy and then give sales teams the same relevant information with the social media connections for those companies and contacts.

InsideView will be speaking about this during the event in a session titled Social Selling: The Sales Strategy that Will Lift your Marketing Success where we will give an explanation of where social media plays a part in sales, how to build strategies to engage customers through their lifecycle and why marketing should be focusing on the 1:1 relationship.