CoreMotives and InsideView form Strategic Partnership

InsideView and CoreMotives increase adoption and value for Dynamics CRM users by combining sales intelligence and web intelligence. “Reaching the right person at the right time with the right message is the key to successful sales,” says Heidi Tucker, VP of Global Alliances at InsideView. “CRM users today need their CRM to do more than track their sales pipeline; they want integrated solutions that deliver the knowledge they need to engage customers.” When used together within Dynamics CRM, CoreMotives and InsideView give customers the power to win more deals more quickly, without resorting to cold calls using low hit prospect lists.

Companies spend thousands of dollars buying general prospect lists when they could simply tap into the visitors on their website that are already interested in their product or service. The problem is that many of those visitors are anonymous.

With CoreMotives and InsideView, the anonymous visitor is identified within seconds of hitting the website, a lead is automatically created in CRM, and InsideView Sales intelligence enriches the lead in real time with demographic information, social profiles, news and more, so that the sales rep can reach out to that prospect immediately with a relevant conversation starter.

It’s about increasing your market share,” says Rhett Thompson, Cofounder of CoreMotives, “and solutions that enable you to do it faster than your competition put you ahead – this is the value CoreMotives and InsideView bring to organizations.” Simply put, CoreMotives lets you know who views your site, and InsideView tells you about that prospect and gives you an inside contact; this partnership brings social discovery to a whole new level.

Companies will save money by eliminating lead enrichment and data append services, and will dramatically increase opportunities and win rates by identifying many new leads and reducing the time from lead to contact. Working a lead while it is hot – and before the competition gets to it – is the difference between winning and losing.

When you combine the right information with the right leads, you’ve got an unstoppable marketing and sales process. “InsideView and CoreMotives are both gaining momentum in the Microsoft CRM marketplace, and we are honored to further each other’s success with this partnership,” says Rhett Thompson. As part of the partnership, CoreMotives will now include InsideView with every installation.

About CoreMotives

CoreMotives is the number one marketing automation vendor in the Dynamics CRM space, with over 500 clients in 30 countries.  Offering email marketing, lead scoring, web visitor tracking, nurture marketing, web forms, surveys, and alert notifications all embedded within CRM, CoreMotives enables clients to detect, track and target prospects interacting with their website or other marketing assets.  CoreMotives is Marketing power for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For more information visit,