For all of you sales fanatics out there scouring the Internet in search for an article, a blog post, a post-it note, anything, for some solid, rich content on how to become a better sales person…you’re quest is over. Below are 10 phenomenal presentations that will make you a better sales person. I must warn you, this is not a magic post so just by reading this blog you won’t wake up with superhuman sales powers. Instead, it is your duty to take all of these lessons into consideration and implement them into your sales strategy. If your numbers are low, you have nothing to lose than to give these presentations a quick glance. If you’re rockin’ the quarter with sales, maybe you want to take the extra mile and really knock your business out of the park by taking a look at this treasure trove of knowledge.

1. A sales man is a sport man

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2. How to Use LinkedIn for Social Selling

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