As a social marketing associate at InsideView, I like to spend my morning gathering the best sales content to dish out throughout the week. Part of our mission here is to give our fans and other audiences the best sales knowledge they need to get the job done. As a result, I have provided 10 of some of the best sales sites I read every morning when I come to work with my huge cup of coffee. Do yourself a favor and bookmark these sites and learn from some of the top minds in sales. (These sites are not in any kind of ranking or order…they’re all equally awesome) Check out our list of our Top 25 Influential Sales Leaders as well for more on who and what you should be following.

1. Fill the Funnel

2. Your Sales Playbook

3. No More Cold Calling

4. The Sales Hunter

5. Jonathan Farrington’s Blog

6. The Pipeline

7. Sales Loudmouth

8. Heavy Hitters Sales Blog

9. Sales Du Jour

10. Ian Brodie’s Blog