It can be a pain in the rump trying to find a couple of blog posts worth spending your morning reading and jump-starting the week. Literally hundreds and thousands of sales blogs with self-proclaimed “best sales solutions” trying to cram their way into your Twitter feed, Google search results and your existence. Fret no more as I have done the searching for you and found what I deem some great sales blog posts. Take a look and have a phenomenal week.

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  2. 5 Steps to Create a Killer Google+ Business Page – BrainSell Blog
  3. Are You Lost In a B2B Sales Lead Paradox? – Marketo Blog
  4. New Study Says Customers Think Companies Don’t Give a Damn ABout Their Time…Just Their Money – Brent’s Social CRM Blog
  5. Customer Relationship Innovation for the Emergent Social Business – Brian Vellmure’s CRM Strategies Blog
  6. Eight Business Apps That Will Change the Way You Work – Emergence Capital Partners
  7. How Much Will You Sell in 2012 With Social Media? – Selling Power
  8. Video: The Biggest Mistakes Sellers Make – Selling to Big Companies
  9. Data Myth #4: Integration Ensures Cleaner CRM Data – DataMyth
  10. Three Steps to Develop Yourself – S. Anthony Iannarino; the Sales Blog