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    92% of prospects don’t respond to cold emails or cold calls #IS12
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    #is12 ask your prospects, what other projects do you have going on @referralsales (great comment) @BlythecoLLC @InsiderSummit
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    Pipeline, sales cycle duration, win rate, average deal value – key sales metrics to track @ddaly1 #is12 #sales20
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    #is12 quality not quantity when making your sales calls. @pauljones #franklincovey #bigmachines
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    @annekeseley understand the trends that lead up to revenue. #IS12
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    @NetworkHardware’s @michaellodato at #IS12: “We’re allocating sales leads now based on social proximity; trust networks are very strong.”
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    @funnelholic is funny. Had no idea! #IS12
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    @NetworkHardware’s @michaellodato at #IS12: “Sales conversations are going from ‘I know someone you know’ to ‘I have competitive info’.”
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    Simpler for customer & more data for vendor! “66% of people prefer social sign-in for forms on your site.” #is12
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    “Interactions are limited for a sales rep. You need the right message at the right time.” Brian Falkner of @BigMachines #IS12
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    @funnelholic “I got an email from a sales rep that said only, ‘I read your blog and we need to talk'” #IS12 @InsiderSummit #IVJAM
  14. …and it worked. Craig replied to the email because of relevance.
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    “Do your homework prior to the call. Tailor the message around relevancy otherwise you’re bringing no value to the call.” #IS12
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    Customer network value is replacing customer lifetime value. #is12 @ddaly1
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    “Too much scorekeeping – not enough coaching.” via @jshriber #IS12
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    #jonmiller2 says break your content into three stages: early, middle, late. Match your pipeline. Learning at #IS12
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    @SAPCRM’s @Nicholask71 at #IS12: “40% of the companies that were at the top of the Fortune 500 in 2000 were no longer there in 2010.”
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    Think about the biggest deal you’re working on, what happens if u don’t get it- what’s the most likely reason @ddaly1 @thetasgroup #IS12 ^KM
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    @insideview CEO says, it is better if you comment on what a prospect is saying in social media vs. sending them info #IS12 #IVJAM
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    “Never call a name who just entered your system a lead” -Jon Miller of @marketo. Marketing needs to qualify leads b4 sales sees them #is12
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    @funnelholic: “LinkedIn is where people tell you what they do; the other social apps are where people tell you what they are feeling.” #IS12
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    The companies I work with don’t see the upside opportunities of social, still don’t care what “someone had for lunch” #IS12
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    “As salespeople we must all inevitably suffer from one of two pains: the pain of effort or the pain of regret.” #IS12
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    Most customers buying experience are heavily influenced by social, in most cases they just don’t realize it. It’s “look what I found!” #IS12
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    It’s important to use the same medium your customers use when replying to complaints #IS12 ^KM
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