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    Front row @ #CONV12 CRM keynote. Want to see the #insideview demo from up close 🙂 http://pic.twitter.com/pod47fST
    Mon, Mar 19 2012 11:50:37
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    For the best experience with InsideView please use a monitor this big: #conv12 http://pic.twitter.com/sHFnLDph
    Mon, Mar 19 2012 12:52:39
  3. “The integration of InsideView with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the result of the two companies’ focus on reimagining CRM to create a fantastic and productive experience by providing useful, actionable insights about customers and prospects to sales professionals,” said Dennis Michalis, General Manager, Microsoft   Dynamics CRM. “Social CRM is changing the way our customers succeed.  InsideView has a unique and powerful solution that reveals important insights that help our users have more powerful interactions with their customers and prospects.”
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    Microsoft says it will add social customer care and free integrated InsideView access to Dynamics CRM in a release later this year.
    Fri, Mar 23 2012 21:05:23
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    Getting a sales intelligence demo from #Insideview #nlp engine drives content #scrm #CRM #CONV12 #Microsoft http://pic.twitter.com/YZBYL2y8
    Sun, Mar 18 2012 15:33:00
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    Celebrating the @insideview’s social alliance partnership with Microsoft at the after party at Venue Houston. !!!
    Mon, Mar 19 2012 23:48:15
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    Houston…we have a solution! @insideview #conv12 #venuehouston http://pic.twitter.com/BnZS5xs1
    Mon, Mar 19 2012 23:21:43
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    Convergence 2012 in a (virtual) nutshell | Surviving CRM – bit.ly/GLJnO3 via @insideview #conv12 #msdyncrm #crm #scrm
    Sat, Mar 24 2012 16:10:05
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    Microsoft #msdyncrm invests in #InsideView, links to Activity Feeds. #conv12
    Mon, Mar 19 2012 12:51:27
  10. “Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers meaningful productivity results in terms of sales effectiveness, client relationships, sales team organization, and visibility across our teams’ activities,” said Barb Potter, Director of Marketing KnowledgeLake, a SharePoint ECM Company. ”The addition of InsideView makes Dynamics an even more comprehensive solution for us because it not only provides the full complement of CRM capabilities, but also company information, contact details, and relevant connections.  Getting all of that in a single place has made our teams more productive. The integration of InsideView with Dynamics CRM is a great step forward for both companies’ customers.”

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    I think @insideview was “inside” my thoughts during the #MSDynCRM presentation at #conv12. Can’t wait to get integration with CRM2011
    Thu, Mar 22 2012 22:58:19
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    @conv12 Microsoft plans to add social customer care and free integrated InsideView access to Dynamics CRM in its later release this year.
    Mon, Mar 19 2012 11:10:46
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    Checking out the #insideview booth #dynamics #CRM #CONV12 #SCRM http://pic.twitter.com/iMJBv1LA
    Sun, Mar 18 2012 15:29:59
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    InsideView and LinkedIn Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 solutions look really good! #InsideView #Conv12 #LinkedIn #Microsoft
    Mon, Mar 19 2012 15:50:23
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    News from #CONV12 Congratulations to #insideview for officially becoming a part of the Microsoft Social CRM solution.
    Mon, Mar 19 2012 14:03:10