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    57% of buying process is complete before sales interaction via @gerhard20 #s20C
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    Wow, >50% of marketers can’t track ROI on marketing spend. #lightmoneyonfire #s20c
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    Gartner: By 2020, 85% of buying process will be completed before salesperson is called. #s20c
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    iMeet cites a case study where inside sales staff increased conversions by 40% just by using a web cam in sales calls #s20c
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    “When you have a challenge with a customer is the best time to show them you care” via @Kirk Mosher at #s20c
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    Average B2B field sales call costs $300-400, $25-70 per call for telesales #s20c
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    @steelbrick if it’s not in Salesforce, it didn’t happen, doesn’t exist, & you don’t get paid for it. #s20c
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    Video calls 101: Put branding (like your logo) in the background, dress nicely and clean up your office! #s20c
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    Marketing people should go to more sales conferences, and visa versa. @cahidalgo #s20c
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    Video in emails will drive more clicks. Email click-thru rates increased by 50% when video was included. Up from 18% without it. #s20c
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    Today’s buyer can self-educate online. Reps need visibility into digital body language to effectively sell via @jill_rowley #s20C
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    Disconnected, impersonal experiences come from companies that have misaligned strategies re: the customer #s20c
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    Personalize content for the buyer. Do not waste the buyers time. Right content, Right time kirkmosher oracle #s20c
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    #s20c only 13% of customers feel that salespeople really understand their business.
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    Booze Allen Hamilton says they made $5 Billion in 2011 through social selling. #s20c
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    Social Signals: Capturing Demand Instead of Simply Generating Leads heinzmkt.in/Halbcc via @robert_ns #s20c
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    RT @insideview: Social media and sales is not a question of HOW but a question of WHEN. The time is NOW. #s20c
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    Only 13% of #sales people understand a customers business issues via @gerhard20 @forrester #s20C
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    Customer satisfaction scores often just mean customers aren’t pissed off at you. Look at customer advocacy scores instead #s20c
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    “sell how you customer wants to buy” = #s20c mantra. Anyone discussing how to scale customized process/relationships?