InsideView is a pioneer in on-demand business search and intelligence applications. We were founded in 2005 to help business professionals take advantage of the convergence of social media and enterprise applications – or what we’ve dubbed as “socialprise”. For several years now our application has helped sales & marketing professionals track key business events and relationships across thousands of traditional, subscription-based data providers and user-generated, “new media” sources, including social networks. Our company blog, The Inside View, is throwing one more voice into the mix.  Yes, the cobbler’s children have shoes after all.

This blog is intended to help you leverage InsideView applications more effectively, gather your product feedback, and stay informed about key industry trends. We will regularly be posting about new features & product updates, industry events, tips & tricks, customer success stories, and the evolving business search and intelligence landscape. There’s plenty to discuss about the changing face of sales and marketing, information overload, new search technologies, and the emergence of socialprise applications. We hope you will join the conversation!

If you’re overwhelmed by data these days, your not alone and InsideView can help. To learn how our applications are helping thousands of other sales & marketing professionals, come check us out at InsideView.

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